Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a global information and insights company that makes trust possible by ensuring that each person is reliably, yet safely represented in the marketplace.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Business

TransUnion is the first and only consumer credit reporting agency (CRA) in Hong Kong, but we are much more than that.

Information is a powerful tool that can unlock potential and opportunity for businesses and communities around the world. At TransUnion, we have an accurate and comprehensive picture of each person, and we steward it with care. In turn, consumers can be confident that their data identities will result in the opportunities they deserve.

This is because of our foundation as a CRA, which enables us to tap into both credit and public record data; our data fusion methodology that helps us link, match and tap into the awesome combined power of that data; and our knowledgeable and passionate team, who stewards the information with care and expertise, and in accordance with local legislation around the world.

We are a trusted provider of global information and insights offered by this picture, helping businesses better understand consumers in order to make more informed decisions, and earn their trust.

TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible by ensuring that each person is reliably, yet safely represented in the marketplace. As a result businesses and consumers can transact with confidence and achieve great things.

We call this Information for Good®.


Data Stewardship

Protecting Information is a Top Priority

Cybercrime and fraud continue to rise and evolve at an alarming rate, putting all companies that deal with data at risk. Given that risk, we focus on data security across the company, with active engagement from our executive team and throughout our ranks. Our compliance, information security and investigation teams work together, supported by all of our employees, to protect the people that put their trust in us. Information Security operates as a global function across all our business units and geographies, help coverage and visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Threats are monitored and evaluated to help internal controls are adjusted as needed to remain effective in a rapidly changing threat environment.


Maintaining Accuracy in Consumer Reports

TransUnion is dedicated to providing accurate information to consumers. We make every effort to assess the integrity of the information provided to us by banks and financial institutions before that information is included on a consumer’s report and to investigate and resolve consumer disputes quickly and accurately. We encourage consumers to review their credit reports to make sure all their information is accurate and complete. If inaccuracies are found on a TransUnion credit report, consumers can go through the dispute process at no charge, either by email, fax and mail or visiting our office counter in person. More information can be found at here.

Our Community

We’re a Force for Good

Our expertise as a global information and insights provider puts us in a great position to help society. Our consumer products help people boost their own credit health and credit literacy, so they’re more likely to receive relevant economic opportunities, enjoy great experiences with the businesses they transact with, and build personal empowerment.


Dedication to Giving Back

TU Hong Kong recognized as a Caring Company

TransUnion Hong Kong has received the Caring Company award from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in recognition of their commitment to caring for the community, caring for employees and caring for the environment over the past two years.

To bring "Information for Good®" to life, a team of Hong Kong associates developed and held various financial literacy and credit risk seminars for the public with the NGO partner such as Caritas, Tung Wah Group and other charitable organizations over the last two years to help families in debt and financial crisis.

The achievement clearly demonstrates how our Hong Kong associates are helping the community by utilizing their expertise and TransUnion's unique product to help educate the society.

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TransUnion Enterprise CSR Report

Our global Corporate Social Responsibility Report is a great resource to better understand to help explain what we stand for and how we are putting Information for Good into action.

Read more and download our latest CSR report.