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Important Notice

Beware of persons promoting loan services pretending to be associated with TransUnion

TransUnion Limited recently received numerous complaints from our customers and the members of public concerning receiving phone calls from persons holding themselves out as our staff or claiming that they are associated with us in order to promote loan services. These calls are not authorized by us and we are very concerned about the public being misled and suffer loss as a result. We would therefore like to make the following statement:

  1. We, whether by ourselves or through our affiliates or associates, will not disclose any "credit evaluation" or "financial status" of a customer over the phone in order to promote any loan services such as "debt restructuring" or "credit clearance service". We are only in the business of credit reports and we do not promote loan service of any kind;
  2. Our consumer services officer will not ask for your personal information for online account creation or account activation over the phone;
  3. All our promotion calls relating to our credit report services are directly made by our consumer services officer or sales representatives. All their telephone numbers are indicated on your caller display and will not be blocked;
  4. Our consumer services officer and sales representatives will always provide their names, departments and contact telephone numbers to you for your reference; and
  5. We do not charge fees for any request to update or correct your data.


Should you have any questions regarding any such calls, please call our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 2577-1816 (office hour: 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday).