DecisionEdge Identity Manager

Make confident, real time identity decisions while enabling better customer experiences and reducing costs

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Build and maintain trusted customer relationships with sophisticated fraud detection technology 

DecisionEdge Identity Manager is a powerful suite of verification and authentication tools that helps protect your organization and your customers from ever-changing fraud tactics. Using an unprecedented amount of data and analytics that provide vital insights into consumer behavior, DecisionEdge Identity Manager quickly approves good customers and minimizes back-office reviews. This multi-layered approach to fraud allows you to safely grow your business while providing a superior multi-channel experience. And multiple layers of fraud detection doesn’t mean there are more reasons to say no. In fact, this integrated approach, combined with better insights into identity risks, can result in higher account opening rates, more business opportunities and lowered costs.

Identity Verification

TransUnion Hong Kong has access to data from more than 100 member banks and financial institutions that represent more than 5 million consumers. Accessing this rich data and applying powerful algorithms allows you to quickly and easily verify consumer identities and detect suspect behaviors.

Digital Verification

As a part of Identity Manager, Digital Verification combines TransUnion’s rich identity data with a comprehensive picture of your customers’ digital behavior to spot online fraud from synthetic identities and stolen identities far more effectively. Using holistic technology to look at digital behavior, device, time, velocity, email, phone, location, IP; and identity data like phone number and email, Digital Verification tells you who is genuine or not, without blocking your good customers. 

Identity Authentication

To comply with regulatory requirements or internal policy, your organization may need additional protection from fraud. Identity Authentication initiates a risk-based exam that consists of a set of personalized questions to further authenticate the consumer’s identity. This dynamic approach gives you control over complexity and mode, and helps you strengthen and expand your fraud strategy, while keeping good customers happy.

Product Highlights
  • First solution to integrate both consumer identity data and digital behavior data into a single view of fraud risk

  • Multiple modes of authentication and dynamic assignment helps improve pass rates for good customers, optimizing customer experience and increasing account opening rates

  • Single platform for use across multiple channels

  • Allows you to enter new channels more confidently and safely

  • Highly flexible and compatible with different modules such as DecisionEdge Acquisition Manager

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