Making trust possible between businesses and consumers.

First-in-market, regulatory proven eKYC solution helping businesses confidently establish new accounts with consumers in a digital world.

TruValidate® offers an accurate and comprehensive view of each consumer by verifying ID documents, linking persona data, device identifiers, and online behaviors. Our advanced insights and global network of reported fraud helps businesses discover anomalies, assess risk, and confidently identify consumers, resulting in the ability to offer personalized, friction-right experiences.

Identity Proofing

Verify consumer data identities with confidence.

Confirm user identities against robust, global datasets to expose fraud risks.

Identity Matching & Authentication

Authenticate consumers with ease.

Secure every point of the consumer journey with customized solutions appropriate for the risk level of each transaction.

Fraud Prevention

Stop fraud before it happens.

Proactively identify risky transactions and fraudulent devices in real time while reducing operational expenses.