SME Lending

Expedite the financing process with a potent workflow and golden source of data that can upscale your business growth.

A no-hassle means to empower SMEs

There are over 340,000 small and medium enterprises (SME) in Hong Kong; constituting over 98% of local business establishments.* Yet, SME lending is still a process filled with common roadblocks — leaving many of them currently underserved. With TransUnion SME lending solutions, you can take advantage of the potential through streamlined processes, and empower SME’s growth efficiently and flexibly.

Revolutionary solutions to capitalise on every SME lending opportunity

The traditional SME lending process is often long and frustrating for both lenders and borrowers. Cumbersome manual processes, lack of quality data and insufficient analytics capabilities can be obstacles to delivering a timely onboarding experience, resulting in lost opportunities and slower business growth across the SME journey.

TransUnion solutions help you overcome these SME lending challenges to achieve faster processes, enhanced digitalisation, improved accuracy and better customer experiences. When you upgrade the flow, you upscale your growth.



Identity proofing and fraud prevention

  • TransUnion SME KYB streamlines your onboarding process with automation and accuracy.
  • State-of-the-art solution lets you connect to different golden sources directly and freely.
  • Flexible features applicable for a variety of business needs.

Customer acquisition and risk mitigation

  • TransUnion SME Score helps you quickly identify quality applicants while minimising bad debt risk .
  • Leverage alternative data for enhanced credit analyses, enabling better decisioning.


In the latest research by Ernst & Young*, lenders that have adopted the TransUnion KYB and end-to-end SME lending solution received significant results.

Download the report to understand more about the market data and facts, and re-imagine the future of SME lending

A no-hassle means to empower SMEs

Smarter, faster workflow

From weeks to less than a day: Minimise tedious manual steps using advanced digital tools to facilitate facial and document recognition, and provide one-stop onboarding services.

Stringent screening with reliable source

Enjoy real-time, cross-border connections to registries around the globe, including GBA. Further validate with third-party data sources for stringent screenings.

Compliant, smooth deployment

Skip the hurdles during deployment by adopting compliant workflows and solutions approved by regulators in advance.

Better underwriting decisions

Leverage powerful customer trended credit data for better assessments in order to design suitable products.

Higher customer loyalty

Provide tailored, on-time services derived from actionable data sources for a higher pick-up rate and customer satisfaction — naturally building customer loyalty.

*Source: Future of SME Financing, EY, 2022