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Reach accountholders earlier in the collections cycle, apply smart strategies and collect more efficiently

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Access tools and strategies to locate debtors, assess situations and collect efficiently

TransUnion offers solutions and products that can prioritize your collections efforts. We put our data, analytics and technology capabilities to work, helping credit providers improve the efficiency of their collections operations. This allows you to better locate debtors, prioritize accounts most likely to pay, and improve profitability. With TransUnion, you can work more accounts and achieve better results—while expending less time and fewer resources. 

Our local experts are here to help you utilize the power of the collection reports, our renowned CreditVision® data and the Collection Manager to optimize your collections strategies. TransUnion collection report has been a vital tool to the Hong Kong collections industry for years. The important report information can streamline your collections processes, prioritize your team effort and maximize the return for every agent call. 

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