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CreditVision Behaviour Clusters

Amplify portfolio management processes with access to complete consumer credit, risk and behavioural segmentation

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Strategic, in-depth customer clusters and segmentation enables optimised engagement

Successful engagement and portfolio management strategies require a deep understanding of your customers’ risk and financial behaviour. Having insight into their ability and spend behaviour, as well as what drives their purchasing behaviour, is key to improving effectiveness and building a differentiated, risk-based approach.

Developing detailed customer profiles that can be used to effectively categorise potential and existing customers doesn’t have to be a complex and costly exercise. With CreditVision® Behaviour Clusters, you have access to a 360-degree view of your target audience which can drive better risk-based portfolio management.

The solution is easy to implement and saves you the time and investment associated with developing and maintaining a complex, customer profiling system internally. It can be used as a standalone solution or combined with existing models to align customer profiles with your credit and risk management policies.

TransUnion introduced eight easily leveraged segments:

CreditVision Behaviour Clusters Chart

Enhanced portfolio management

Businesses can use CreditVision Behaviour Clusters to enhance portfolio management capabilities, improve customer relationships and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Improved customer segmentation

Lenders can use CreditVision Behaviour Clusters to accurately segment their existing customer base into distinct groups based on individual credit risk and consumer behaviour. It gives a comprehensive view of consumer performance and a deeper consumer insight, in order to evaluate lending strategy and mitigate loss.

Optimised customer engagement

Lenders can use CreditVision Behaviour Clusters in a structured format for various types of customer engagement activities according to segment characteristics

Simple and efficient solutions

The eight predefined, easily implemented clusters can be used as a standalone solution or in combination with businesses’ existing behavioural models or segmentation schemes for a more precise, targeted segmentation output.

Product Highlights
  • Enriched data fields

  • Extended historical account information (up to 24 months)

  • Actual payment amount data

  • Premium algorithms that identify and predict credit behaviour, such as revolver, transactor, loan seeker, etc.

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