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Analyze and predict consumer credit behaviors with improved accuracy

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CreditVision enables more precise lending decisions

CreditVision® is a suite of solutions that gives you deeper and broader consumer insights. It helps you target appropriate customers and prospects more accurately, make better lending decisions and manage your portfolio risk more effectively. Drawn from enriched data, and through credit performance trends and behaviors, and analytics, CreditVision insights give you a comprehensive view of consumer performance for improved decisions in marketing, risk and collections. And that creates value across the full consumer lifecycle

The CreditVision suite of solutions offers a number of applications to better predict performance, improve strategies and enhance risk management.

CreditVision Premium Algorithms

Understanding the complete view of consumer behavior requires that you dig deeper.  Aligned with lender strategies, TransUnion conducted an intensive analysis of thousands of attributes in our historical account data and uncovered algorithm categories that yield highly predictive behaviours, to help you make more precise lending decisions.  Payment, balance magnitude, wallet share, and spend are just a few of the algorithms developed that provide this invaluable insight.  

CreditVision Risk Score

There is constant pressure for risk managers to keep losses low and approval rates high.  By incorporating how a consumer has altered their credit usage and payment over time, CreditVision time series data drives a more accurate risk score The CreditVision Risk Score is the industry standard for credit risk management and risk decisioning. It is widely used by all leading lenders in Hong Kong to facilitate objective, fast and reliable credit decisioning.  

CreditVision Debt Capacity Score

Used to find the approximate monthly or annual income of a consumer, the CreditVision Debt Capacity Score is a powerful and accurate predictor of consumer credit limits.

CreditVision Alert Services

Better manage risk through timely and targeted monitoring of consumer credit behaviour. CreditVision Performance Alerts (CVPA) and Daily Alerts (CVDA) provide an up-to-date view of changing customer behaviour using our CreditVision Premium Algorithms to help lenders proactively identify those who present the highest risk.

Product Highlights
  • Analyze consumer spending patterns to help refine marketing strategies

  • Identify new consumers that align with your risk strategies

  • Anticipate evolving consumer needs to reduce customer attrition and increase retention

  • Identify account issues earlier, including potential delinquency, to reduce risk

  • Improve decisioning to consumers near score cutoffs and score more consumers

  • Increase effectiveness through improved collections models

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