Company History

TransUnion Limited, formerly Credit Information Services Limited and then TransUnion Information Services Limited, was established in 1981 by 12 finance houses in the vehicle and equipment financing industry. The purpose was to share purchase and leasing information, thereby building transparency and trust in the market.

This was the first centralized database in Hong Kong, marking a milestone in the financial industry. Our database was expanded in 1985 to collect negative default data, greatly enhancing the ability of shareholders and members to manage risk. The importance of a centralized database grew with the Hong Kong economy and finance industry in the late 1980s, due largely to the development of unsecured credit, especially credit cards. Company ownership grew to 16 shareholders with the addition of credit card issuers and banks.

TransUnion International acquired the ownership of Credit Information Services Limited, the former name of TransUnion Limited in 1999. In August 2003, sharing of positive data was made possible by amendments to Hong Kong's revised Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data. This resulted in a higher volume of credit-based transactions. For the year ended 2015, the TransUnion database had grown dramatically and a total of 87.2 million credit reports had been retrieved.

In November 2022, TransUnion was appointed as a credit reference agency under the new Multiple Credit Reference Agencies model. TransUnion Credit Information Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransUnion Limited, is dedicated to supporting the new model.

Globally, for more than 50 years, TransUnion has been a vital part of robust economies in more than 30 countries. Today, we combine this experience with innovative technologies to help companies transact business more successfully at every stage of their customer lifecycle. For consumers, TransUnion delivers educational resources and tools to help them better understand their credit history and financial behaviour, while respecting their privacy.