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TransUnion is Proud and Prepared to Promote Growth in the Greater Bay Area and Beyond

Blog Post06/22/2020
Image showing JERRY YING on Business Growth plan

With 30 years’ experience in the Hong Kong market, TransUnion has long been committed to serving businesses in the local market and beyond. Jerry Ying, Vice President of Innovative Solutions Group, APAC, TransUnion, describes how the company’s investment in innovation and FinTech solutions is helping to drive business growth in general.

With its bold vision of infrastructure expansion, the Greater Bay Area (GPA) plan aims to boost overall GDP across the area while driving higher internal consumption. TransUnion believes development in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) will attract new businesses and talent — which is vital to the region’s future success.

As a global information and insights company — featuring powerful credit solutions — TransUnion is in a unique position to serve this growing number of consumers and SMEs by:

  • Assisting banks and financial institutions in better managing risk, preventing fraud and providing improved customer management through our data and insights
  • Supporting cross-border credit and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) needs across the region, helping ensure consistently high standards between the Greater Bay area and the rest of the world
  • Sharing our best practices, research and expertise in credit, risk and fraud management to promote economic growth

In addition to providing credit information services and market industry insights, we work with a number of data and technology partners in Hong Kong and APAC to deliver effective solutions to our customers and consumers. Central to these efforts is our focus on making trust possible between parties so they can transact with confidence.

We’ll continue to innovate to serve and benefit the Greater Bay Area (GBA), and enable an interconnected capability between the one-belt-one-road countries across South East Asia – to help our customers grow their businesses across multiple borders and territories. Through all our offerings, our goal remains to enable our customers to support the full consumer credit lifecycle — while managing risk and optimising profit.

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