A lender’s trusted guide for successful Credit Data Smart integration

The credit landscape in Hong Kong is undergoing a significant transformation with the introduction of Credit Data Smart¹ earlier this year. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of consumer credit reference agencies (CRAs) and mitigate operational risks. However, this transition presents several changes for lenders, including business, risk and operational changes, as well as difficulties in parallel run data checks driven by long lead times and discrepancies in credit scoring reports.

As the only CRA that can perform Multiple Credit Reference Agencies (MCRA) parallel runs, TransUnion stands as your trusted partner, poised to guide lenders through this transitional period with our Credit Data Smart solution. 

“Navigating the MCRA parallel run process was made easier with TransUnion MCRA Soft-Landing Package. As newcomers to the MCRA regime, we were uncertain about requirements and timelines, especially potential data discrepancies. TransUnion’s dedicated support team provided expert guidance, helping us implement solutions and ensure a smooth transition. Its analytics work instilled confidence, allowing us to embrace changes and transition successfully to the live MCRA model without major disruptions.” 

Head of Credit Risk at a renowned multinational bank

Achieve Smooth Integration with Credit Data Smart

We enable lenders to achieve a smooth integration into Credit Data Smart, leveraging TransUnion’s CDSoft-Landing package, a suite of product solutions designed to simplify processes and provide crucial data consultation services. Our Credit Data Smart integration solution is tailored to meet lenders’ needs during this critical transition.

TransUnion’s CDSoft-Landing Package – Key Product Highlights

Parallel Run Comparison and Alert Tool

Parallel run solution evaluates credit reports from TUCIS and TUHK, enabling lenders to better assess risk and ensure accurate data integration. 

Portfolio Health Check and Analytics

Our portfolio health check assesses data differences between TransUnion Credit Information Services (TUCIS) and TransUnion Hong Kong (TUHK) scores. 

“TransUnion Portfolio Health Check Services have been most valuable to our bank. As the head of the risk department, I thoroughly reviewed our credit data and assessed our loan portfolio’s overall health — including highlighted data quality issues, risk exposures and potential vulnerabilities. The detailed report enabled us to prioritise data remediation efforts, and the risk modelling and scenario analysis helped us stress test our portfolio, driving informed decision-making regarding capital allocation, provisioning, and risk mitigation strategies.”

Chief Risk Officer at a leading financial institution

Generic and Custom Score Reviews

The review service includes deep-dive studies of TUHK’s generic and custom scores, validating TUCIS data, and providing consultation on approval cut-offs.

Retro Data Service

TransUnion’s retro data service offers robust consultancy services for data validation and modelling before the post parallel run phase.

“TransUnion MCRA Retro Data has been invaluable in helping us validate our credit scores. The detailed information on past records and risk factors have enabled us to better understand the drivers behind our scores and make targeted improvements. Leveraging this data, we identified areas of optimisation and fine-tuned our processes to meet regulatory requirements. The MCRA Retro Data facilitated a seamless transition during the parallel run.”

Head of Risk Management at a local Hong Kong bank

Credit Data Smart Knowledge Transfer

Credit Data Smart knowledge transfer provides a 3-in-1 technical, operational, and data and solution consultation on Credit Data Smart. 

Ready to Transform Your Credit Data Practices?

TransUnion is well-positioned to support our customers in maintaining sustainable business growth. Leveraging our holistic data solutions, global expertise, and local experience, we help businesses transition seamlessly to Credit Data Smart.

Want to ensure sustainable business growth in the evolving credit market? Download the CDSoft-Landing brochure here for more details on each product, what it does, and its unique advantages. Reach out to your sales representative for more information on scope and pricing structure, and get started today with TransUnion Credit Data Smart integration solution.

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