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Investment Attitudes in Hong Kong

Saving Habits

TransUnion ("TU") has conducted a survey through GFK with an objective to understand the savings awareness and spending habits of Hong Kong people, as well as their investment preferences. According to the findings, most of them manage to have healthy financial habits. Among 750 respondents, 98% respondents say they have regular savings.

With a correct concept of wealth accumulation taken root in mind, Hong Kong people have been well disciplined in money management since they were young. Nearly one-third (31%) habitually reserve an amount of money as savings every month before they spend, while almost half (47%) save regularly on monthly basis yet the amount is not fixed.

According to the survey, not only do they have a saving habit, but they are also conscious of what they are spending on. 96% respondents have a good idea of their monthly expenditure, with over 80% keeping close track of the monthly inflows and outflows, knowing where their money goes.

When it comes to investment knowledge and attitudes, 86% have experience in investment, with more than one-third (37%) are high risk takers who can withstand investment loss higher than 10% per year. Among a variety of investment products, property is ranked as one of most sought-after options, with a quarter of respondents considering property investment as their key life goal to achieve.