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TransUnion Dark Web Monitoring Service

Keep your data in the light

What is dark web?

A place not known to many people, dark web is the hotbed for scammers, where dreadful cybercriminals would leak your secrets, sell your personal data for profits with no remorse. It is extremely difficult to identify the real identity of these cybercriminals in the real world. The notion that one’s home address, ID number, credit card number, passport number and even gaming accounts could be up for sale in dark web is terrifying. Hence, it is very important that we actively protect our identity.

Safeguard Your Identity

The TransUnion Dark Web Monitoring service are here to help you to take charge and to safeguard your identity. It carefully scans the dark web in real-time and looks back in time (retrospectively) to find any data breaches. If it spots anything concerning, it will alert you immediately. Also, it goes a step further by giving you expert advice on what to do next to minimize any possible damage.

How does Dark Web Monitoring protect you?



Input the information you want to monitor

Your identity insurance number
No. of unread alerts
Auto-filled information
Toggle to turn on/off
monitoring of the information
Name* Name* Date of birth* Date of birth* HKID HKID

* You will only receive alert when both Name and Date of Birth are found in the same record.

Other information that can be monitored:
(Users need to enter the information.)

Email 3 Email
Phone 3 Phone
Passport 2 Passport
Bank account 3 Bank account
Credit card 3 Credit card
Username 3 Username
Gamertag 3 Gamertag


If any of your information is found on the dark web, you will be alerted via SMS and email. You can also check the alerts on our mobile app.

Breach details will be listed in the “Alert Notification” on the mobile app.



Follow the recommendation provided on the alert notification to minimise the negative impact which may be caused by the breach.

Consumer Survey on Identity Fraud and Protection
(Sept. 2023)

High exposure to fraud

74 %
of consumers have been targeted by online, email, phone, or text fraud.

Victimisation rates

13 %
actually became victims of fraud.

Financial impact

87 %
of victims suffered monetary loss.
33 %
lost more than HK $50,000.

Dark web concerns

60 %
are concerned about dark web scams.

Identity theft worries

56 %
are concerned about identity theft or fraud.

Lack of monitoring

88 %
are not using dark web monitoring tools.

Source: Identity Fraud & Protection Survey, TransUnion HK, Sep 2023

Key Product Features Highlight

24/7 worldwide
cybersecurity guard
Covering almost all
important personal data
retrospective search capabilities
recommendations and guided responses
Identity insurance
coverage against financial loss

Act now to register for the 30-days Dark Web Monitoring free trial to safeguard your security. Let’s be cyber smart!

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TransUnion Limited is merely the policyholder of the Identity Insurance.  This Identity Insurance is offered by Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited (CHUBB). For enquiries, please contact CHUBB dedicated customer hotline at +852 3191 6656. Please click here for the Insurance Certificate Terms & Conditions.