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Credit Score Calculator

Credit planning just got a whole lot more personalized

What is Credit Score Calculator?

Available as part of TransUnion Credit Report, Score & Alert Services, the Credit Score Calculator shows you ways of how your current credit score would change based on future actions and events.

Estimate your score based on different scenarios with TransUnion Credit Score Calculator

Credit score, which indicates your credit level, is essential for different financial institutions when making a decision on your loan/credit card application. Clueless about how your credit is affected by different events? Estimating your credit score with Credit Score Calculator enables you to simulate those scenarios so as to forecast the future more precisely. Knowing where your credit score leads is a good start for maintaining a healthy credit habit. After logging into your TransUnion account on any devices, you can estimate how various financial decisions may help or hurt your score anytime, anywhere with Credit Score Calculator. See the easy steps below to better understand it!

Simulate different scenarios by Credit Score Calculator:

  • Apply and open a credit card or loan
  • Terminate a credit card
  • Change the credit card balances and limits
  • Add or remove late payments


  1. Log into your account

2. Click Credit Score Calculator


3. Select the situations that could happen in the future according to your current financial status


4. Customize various factors based on the scenarios

a. Apply and open a credit card or loan


Tip: Apart from paying your loan on time, try not to apply for multiple accounts in a short period of time

b. Change the highest or lowest balances and limits of credit card, as well as close a credit card


Tip: Closing a credit card account might lower your credit limit, hence hurting your credit score

c. Add or remove late payments (users with no late payments in the past are not able to choose the later one)


Tip: Payment history is the most important aspect of your credit score because it shows how you’ve managed your finances

5. Credit Score Calculator indicates your credit level which is affected by those events


6. You can reset and calculate your score all over again


Product Highlights

- More Protection for your Credit Report

- Free phone and/or email alerts

- No extra fees

- Only offered by TransUnion

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