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TransUnion Credit Report, Score & Alerts

Stay current on and protect your credit

TransUnion Credit Report, Score & Alerts

As a leading global information and insights company, we are committed to leveraging information to drive economic opportunity, create better experiences, and empower people. We call this Information for GoodSM

One way TransUnion empowers consumers is via our Credit Report, Score & Alerts, a personal financial assistant and all-weather watchdog for your credit. With it, you have around-the-clock access to your credit profile. It monitors your credit accounts for new changes, such as new account openings or account enquiries. By staying on top of your financial credit, you will be able to shape your financial future by maintaining a healthy credit score and planning properly for financial success

Credit Report

A TransUnion Credit Report contains details of your credit history provided by TransUnion members, including banks and other financial institutions. Consumers can access their own credit report either by becoming a subscriber  on the TransUnion website or at the TransUnion office with online reservation

A description of a TransUnion Credit Report is below:


Credit Report

As part of the credit approval process, banks and financial institutions may inquire about the applicant’s credit history and repayment habits to determine the applicant’s financial credibility. By regularly checking your credit report, you could boost your own credit health and credit literacy.  You can ensure information stays accurate and spot signs of fraud or identity theft. Hence, whether you have plans to apply for a loan, a mortgage, or a credit card, you are encouraged to check your credit report regularly.

Credit Score

Credit Score ranges from A to J, where A is the highest score. It is one of the references credit providers may use as part of the credit approval process. In addition to a Credit Score, credit providers may also consider the applicant’s risk, internal credit ratings, as well as the applicant’s financial status and other personal information. In addition to credit history and enquiries, other information in your credit report is also used to calculate the Credit Score. Any changes in the records might trigger a reassessment of the Credit Score.

Credit Score

Please refer to What is a Credit Score? for details.

Credit Alert

TransUnion will send you an email/SMS alert when certain items are updated on your credit report. Unauthorized changes of personal information hint at potential fraud. Being notified of any changes in your credit report is a great way to monitor identity theft. See below for what triggers alerts: 

Credit Alert

See What is Credit Monitoring Services ? for details.

Credit Score Calculator

Available as part of TransUnion Credit Report, Score & Alert Services, the Credit Score Calculator shows you how your current credit score might change based on future actions and events.

Credit Score Calculator

See What is Credit Score Calculator? for details.

Product Highlights

- More Protection for your Credit Report

- Free phone and/or email alerts

- No extra fees

- Only offered by TransUnion

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