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Important Notice

This credit report is for your reference only and is not intended for use in application for a loan from any credit providers. Any other use may bring legal risk and TransUnion Credit Information Services Limited and its affiliates shall not be responsible for any consequences arising from such other use. 


Consumer Credit Report Notice

  1. Under Credit Data Smart (CDS), also known as the Multiple Credit Reference Agencies (MCRA) Model, each consumer is eligible to obtain a credit report offered by TransUnion Credit Information Services Limited (TUCIS) per calendar year for free. Further access of your credit report can be done via direct subscription. For details, please visit

  2. The credit report provided by TUCIS (Credit Report) consists of the credit profile of the consumer, including without limitation, the historical and current credit data contributed by Credit Providers to the Credit Reference Platform under CDS and credit score of the consumer.

  3. The credit score provided by TUCIS (Credit Score) is calculated based on the credit profile of the consumer with TUCIS’s own defined scoring algorithms, ranges from 1000 to 4000, corresponds to Grade A to J, where A is the highest grade.

  4. The key factors that contribute to and may affect the Credit Score include, payment history, credit enquiries record, available credits, credit utilization, length of credit history and past credit usage amount. To learn more about how to maintain a favourable credit score, please visit for more details.

  5. The calculation of Credit Score is based on the most updated credit profile of the consumer available at the point of time. Retrieving the Credit Score at a different point of time may have different results.

  6. Under CDS, each Credit Reference Agency (CRA) has its own scoring system, the Credit Score TUCIS provides may be different from other CRAs.

  7. For the purpose related to the extension of credit, the credit report you obtained from TUCIS may not be the report used by the Credit Provider for your assessment.

  8. TUCIS does not take part in the credit decision-making process of any credit provider.

  9. Full details of Other Enquiry Information of the Credit Report are also available upon request.

  10. Consumers have the right to freeze the credit provider(s) from accessing their Credit Report by making an application at our office in person.

  11. Should there be any questions regarding the Credit Report, please contact TUCIS Consumer Services & Operations team at +852 2577 1816 within 30 day with your reference number.




Updated as of 22 March 2024